Zeus bots in action

Auto Missile




Portal Gun

Four barrelled shotgun

Floating gibs

Orb - 100% new and original

Orbit mode   |   Rear Guard mode   |   Side Weapon mode
The "Orb" is an excellent overall defensive/offensive device.
Once an Orb is activated, it'll either orbits around the player (Orbit mode),
Guard the player's back (Rear guard mode) or move along and attack with
the player (Side Weapon mode).

Technical details :
It takes 20 cells to launch an orb, and up to 5 orbs can be activated
simultanously. Each orb, however, will consumes cell energy while
activated, so keep an eye on your cell count.

Shield - 100% new and original

Shield startup sequence
The Shield is an superb defensive device.
Once it is activated, it'll block most incoming projectiles and gun
fires, even though it will not make you invincible, it greatly reduce
the chance of getting hit or killed.

Technical details :
It takes nothing to launch a shield, however, it also will consumes
cell energy while activated, at a even faster rate than the orbs,
so keep an eye on your cell count while you're holding a shield.

New Auto Battary Recharge System

In KQP 1.00, your depleted cell energy will be recharged automatically
slowly over time, so you don't need to go everywhere hunting for
battaries. The cell count in each battary has been increased, too, so
the above cell energy consuming devices (and the Laser) are more
Chain Gun
Model by : James Lazarus (alazarus@ix.netcom.com) Skin by : Christopher Bolin (cbolin@teleport.com)
Technical details :
Chain gun fires at an incredible rate (3000 shots per minute), and it is
capable of gibbing anything in sight with the least time. It CAN, however,
get overheat if you keep firing it continuously for a long enough period
of time, gun barrels turn red, smoke starts to come out and fire rate will
drop. Let it cool down and it can rock the sky again.

Other new stuffs in KQP 1.00

Feign death        Decoys

BlazeThrower    FreezeThrower

More Screenshots of KQP

New weapons  Ammo Scale*   Description     (* 1 is least powerful, 5 is most)
(Ammo cost : S = shells, N = nails, R = rockets, C = cells)

Super axe       0 - (4) Super damage, but will hurt yourself as well.
Vampire axe     0 - (2) Suck up enemy's health, and give it back to you.
Morning Star    0 - (4) Finally, the morning star you've all been waiting for.
Throwing Axe    0 - (4) A throwing flaming axe. You'll like it in action.
Disc            0 - (4) A bouncing disc that can lop someone's head off.

Auto-shotgun   1S - (2) 5 continuous shots at a time.
Portal Gun      0 - (3) It can open a portal on walls to let you get through.
Magnum Lite   10S - (3) Scaled down version of Magnum, take less ammo.
Poisoned arrow 1S - (3) A sniper arrow capable of poisoning others.
Air Fist        0 - (3) You can repel other people or blow away items with it.

Chain Gun      2S - (3) This gatling gun will kick some major butt!
Mini Cannon    2S - (4) With this mini cannon, you can shoot THROUGH walls!
4b shotgun     4S - (4) Blow'em out with one super shotgun held on each hand.

Blaze Gun      1R - (3) A new 'fireball' thrower type weapon. Can burn people.

RFL            2R - (4) Rapid fireball launcher, like Blaze gun, but faster.
Laser!         2C - (2-5) This weapon has a wide range of effectiveness.

Blood Drainer  1R - (4) Ever wonder what it'll be like to drain someone dry?
Blazethrower   1R - (5) Wanted to setup a wall of fire? Try this!
Radio tag bomb 1R - (3) Tag to enemy and detonate it remotely.
Promixity mine 5R - (4) Explode when anything get close. Fairly powerful.
Timed Nuke!   20R - (5) Extremely powerful. Can gib anything in sight.
Freezethrower  1R - (5) Wanted to freeze someone? Try this!
Nail bomb      5R - (3) The a.k.a. Eraser bomb.

Guided missile 1R - (3) Fly your missile around to hunt people down.
Auto-missile   1R - (3) 3 continuouse shots at a time.
Nuke          30R - (4) Ultra powerful, can gib everyone in a room with 1 shot.
Flare          1R - (1) Lits up the room.
Guided Nuke!! 40R - (5) Guided version of Nuke, a bit more powerful.

BFG 9000      40C - (4) The BFG from DOOM is back!

Gibbed head       - (3) Floating in the air, looking for people to ambush.
Self-Destruct     - (5) Only allowed when health < 20. Kill everyone with it.
Gib-gun mode      - (3) Same damage as grenade / RTB. Fun to watch it explodes.
Trapped backpack  - (4) Now you'll never know which backpack is safe, which isn't.
Fake backpack 10R - (4) Now you'll never know which backpack is real, which isn't.
Shield            - (3) Good defensive device.
Orb           20C - (4) Good defensive and offensive device.
Feign death       - (2) Hope that people will think you're really dead.
Decoy         10C - (3) Another device to deceive people
Air Strike    60S - (4) Call for an air strike.
Radar             - (0) A VERY useful living object detection device
Rain of fire  10R - (4) Summon a rain of fire to burn like hell!

Other features :

Cujo the personal dog
Solid corpses and backpack that you can shoot at.
Eject Shells from shotgun and DB-shotgun.*
Eject bullet shells from nailgun and super nailgun.*
Multiskin for multiplayer.
Enhanced multiplayer game mode (for coop and dm)
Portable Teleporter
Trapped Backpack.
Fake Backpack bombs.
Multi colored laser.
Blazes from Blazethrower can land on floor.
Blazes from Blazethrower, Blaze gun and RFL can
  spread from entity to another
A shield that you can use to protect yourself.
An orb that orbits around you, firing at any target spotted.
Feign death to deceive people that you're dead.
Decoy not only use to deceive people, but could hurt/kill others.
Eyes (external camera) that can be throw to a desired location.
Rain of Fire.
Air Strike.
Floating gib and realistic body parts.

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