Mini cannon, although it may look just like yet another rapid firing weapon, yet it is capable of doing something that NONE other weapons mod can ever do, that is, to SHOOT THROUGH WALLS with ** DIRECT HIT **.

Yep, unlike the rail gun mod, this weapon DOES NOT fire projectiles, it fire DIRECT HIT bullets like the gatling gun I've done in KQP, but even better, those direct hit bullets CAN ACTUALLY SHOOT THROUGH WALLS!

As soon as you fire the mini cannon, you'll see sparks appear on the wall you're firing at (or blood from your poor friend), but it would not just stop there, it'll keep on going, THROUGH WALLS, THROUGH BODIES and just about everything else.

Since this weapon is a DIRECT HIT weapon, you don't have to wait for the projectile to actually travel through space to gib your opponent, whenever you hit the fire button, a straight line from your gun point is drawn to the very far end of the direction you're pointing at, and the bullet will strike through anything that sit on that line of attack.

Also when you hit someone with the mini cannon, you'll knock him back a bit at a time, so if you managed to keep on firing on the same person, you MAY be able to paralyze him and add his soul to your ever growing frag list. |8^)

In version 2.0, I've created a totally new and awesome model for it, it's more like a mini-gun now.

The only disadvantage of this weapon I could think of is that it has a slow reload rate, each time you stopped firing at your opponent, you'll have to wait until the lits on the side of the gun turns blue before you can fire again.

Play with it, and see if you like it.

Screenshots of Mini Cannon

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