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I've started a mailing list for KQP, to subscibe, write an email to with the subject "subscribe" (without the quotes). Thanx.

July 8, 1998

- YES! I've updated the KQP page! It's almost been 6 months since I last updated the KQP page, I'm sorry, but I've been so busy on my study and work that I really can't spare time to work on the web page as before.

- Anyways, here're the new stuffs :

- KQ2P has been cancelled - I know this is a disappointment, but since I've spent most of my time, designs and ideas in the new upcoming Q2 addon call Paradigm that I really don't have much left behind to put into KQ2P.

- Paradigm will feature many new weapons, each with several ways of control and attack, along with new monsters and boss, new levels, new multiplayer gameplay, it'll be the BEST Q2 addon you'll ever play.

- Moreover, now that I'm part of the FvF team, you can expect my next and future projects to be even more exciting than before, so please again, stay tuned, I'll keep posting new stuffs here, and this time I promise it'll be updated more frequently than before ;)

January 10, 1998

- Sorry for the long delay between updates, I'm too busy on my stuffs, ie. final exam on early December, x'mas and new year parties, then school started a few days ago, etc...

- Just to let you know that I'm not dead, here's some information on what I'm doing lately :
* porting KQP to Quake 2, it'll be called KQ2P for Killer Quake 2 Pack, it'll take a while before I'll finish it, tho, so please be patient, when I've got something done, I'll post screenshots here, so stay tuned.
* porting Paraidigm for Quake to Quake 2.
* studying 6 courses this semester, URGH!

November 1, 1997

- KQP Online Documentation is now available at here, go check it out now. (Thanx to SGT-D - Darren Winter)

October 31, 1997 - Released KQP 2.2z

- KQP 2.2z released, go get it now.

- New stuffs in KQP include :
* HeadLopper
* Explode Barrel
* Ghost Mode
* Secret Weapon
* Other enhancements

Remember to read the documentations for more information!

October 30, 1997

- Added a new KQP server.

- Hammering out the last few minor bugs in KQP 2.2z, and it's now officially due this holloween friday, October 31st. Stay tuned.

October 17, 1997

- Updated the light saber control patch, download it here

October 16, 1997

- I've created a small patch for Jedi Knight, this patch makes combo move with light saber much easier in JK.

October 12, 1997

- Release a non-public version of KQP 2.2z to my team of beta tester, so expect a public release shortly.

- Here's a more detailed version of what's new in KQP 2.2z :

1. New secret weapon - that is secret, see if you could find out how to access it. If you do, please don't tell anyone else (except me, of course =) ), and keep it to yourself only. Otherwise it'll spoil the whole idea of this secret weapon.

2. Two new weapon -
a) Head lopper, uses 5 nails each shot, can be fired at a rapid session, (which takes lots of ammo), and will keep you people happy using nails as well as other ammos type. If you fire this weapon into people, you'll have a very high chance of lopping their head off when you kill them. This is not 100%, but you'll be more likely to lop people's head of with it than the Disc.
b) Explode barrel, this "weapon" replaced the flare in KQP, (which no one uses anyways, as you can use the laser sight with spot light). Fire one of this, and you can use it as blockade, you can shove it around, blocking people's way, or place it at places where you can create a traffic jam, then blow up on of them in front of your buddies. If it is blocked by something which you can no longer shove it around, try to use the Air Fist.

3. One new feature, Ghost mode. If you don't respawn after getting killed in 30 seconds (in this beta the time have been reduced to 5 seconds, so you can test it out more often and easier), you'll turn into a ghost. Being a ghost, you can't do anything but watch and laugh. The ghost floats around randomly by itself, and occassionally it'll hunt nearby enemies down. When it is floating freely, you can look around, but when it is chasing after a victim, the view is fixed towards that victim, so you'll know what you're chasing at.

Fixed varies bugs :
- fixed the scoreboard bug,
- fixed the client space bug (it'll prompt if you try to spawn a zeus without - enough client space rather than crashing),
- made the disc more powerful,
- made the poisoned arrow to be more deadly on head shots,
- reduced starting armor for cujo and helper zeus, making them easier to kill, - enhanced the name system so helper Zeus' owner's name will be printed at - death/zeus messages
- fixed Zeus AI so it can't see things behind them. Also Zeus will not retreat from combat if their arms have been blown off, rather than running right into you waiting to get killed.

- BTW, check out the following list for new KQP server IP address.

October 11, 1997

- Update KQP server list (I'll get more KQP server as soon as possible).

- KQP 2.2z is almost ready, added the following :
* 1 new secret weapon.
* 2 new weapons, Explode Barrel and HeadLopper.
* 1 new feature, Ghost mode.

September 11, 1997

- KQP is quoted "... the best one-steop solution for Quake mods" by T. Liam McDonald in the "Extended Play" section, PC Gamer, October 97 edition. They even printed a screenshot that I've take showing 3 Cujos and 2 Zeus bots! |8^)

August 20, 1997

- For those who have been waiting for a new release of KQP, KQP 2.2z is ALMOST completed, I just want to add 1 or 2 more new weapons to it besides the SECRET weapon to make it fun to play.

- I've been told that KQP can be run on MacQuake without much problem, just rename the pak0.pak file from KQP to pak2.pak, and put it into /quake/id/ directory. Then just run MacQuake as usual, and you'll have KQP running with it.

- Seems like many KQP servers have been down recently, I'm working on that and see if more server could host KQP on it. So far, there're 2 still working almost 24 hours a day, and I've put a "*" in front of them to indicate those servers, check those out.

July 18, 1997

- Sorry for the long delay between I've time to update the page, I've been working on Paradigm AND playing Ultima Online Beta the last few days so I was too damn busy.

- BOY, Ultima Online ROCKS!!! It'll be the VERY BEST multiplayer online game EVER EXIST on this world.

- I'll post more news regarding Paradigm here after QCon, our team is hosting a demo broof in QCon right now, so news will be back to me when they come back from Dallas.

- Added a new European server running in Germany. Check the server list out.

July 8, 1997

- Whew, is finally up and running again after the attack.

- I'm busy working on the Paradigm project, I'll post more information about that project here after Quake Con 97, so stay tuned.

July 4, 1997

- Happy July 4th!

- For those who have been waiting for me to announce the commercial TC project that I've been working on for the last 2 months, here's the first press release from Katana Software ( Stay tuned for this kick ass TC due this fall.

Katana Software press release # 1:

Katana Software is proud to announce the upcoming release of "Paradigm",
a new TC for Quake. Paradigm will feature revolutionary weapons and game
play. A highly talented team was formed with the goal of making a TC like
no other. With coding being done by the Quake C guru himself Howard Roy of
the KQP (Killer Quake Pack).

Ever want to play Wing Commander in quake? Jump into an alien ship and
kick ass? Well now you can in Paradigm and thats only one of the cool
features in our TC. We will be demoing at Quake Con 97 and check out our
web site daily for screen shots at
June 29, 1997

- Boy, I'm too busy to update this page for more than a week, sorry, but stay tuned for a big announcement tomorrow!

- New KQP servers added, check the ip address now.

June 20, 1997

- New KQP servers added, check the ip address now.

June 16, 1997

- MPOG server have updated the URL for KQP, the URL has been changed from to now

- New KQP servers added, check the ip address now.

June 11, 1997

- New KQP URL is up! Link to NOW!

- I'm leaving Vancouver for Denver this weekend, so I won't be able to reply any email for the upcoming 4 days - please send your mails to me after this Sunday if you want to get a reply from me, thanx.

June 6, 1997 - Released KQP 2.1Z

- Yep, KQP 2.1z is out, go grab it now and have some fun.

June 5, 1997

KQP 2.1Z offical release date has been scheduled to this coming Friday, June 6, 1997.

- Completed beta 4 and sent out to the beta tester team.

- I've been granted the permission to include two DM maps into KQP 2.1Z, they're Basewalk and Triumph, both are really good DM maps, especially with KQP.

- If nothing goes wrong, KQP 2.1Z will be release on schedule, that is, tomorrow.

- Also I've completed the new weapon in KQP 2.1Z, but since I don't have time to test it out, it'll not be officially included in 2.1Z, (well, unofficially it's included in 2.1Z |8^) ), but in 2.2Z probably.

June 2, 1997

KQP 2.1Z offical release date has been scheduled to this coming Friday, June 6, 1997.

- Ok folks, I've received more than 100 applications for applying to become a KQP beta tester, I want to thank you all who have supported KQP. However, as space is limited in the team, only 20 lucky folks are randomly picked to join the team, for those who didn't get the invitation, I'm sorry, but please do try again next time. Thanx again.

- I'm working on a new thing for KQP, probably won't be available til KQP 2.2Z or so, when it's done, I'll post it here.

May 31, 1997

KQP 2.1Z offical release date has been scheduled to this coming Friday, June 6, 1997.

- I've updated the beta tester team list, and temporary removed a few members from the team to leave space for new comers. That's right, for those who have waited so long to become part of the beta tester team, now is the time to apply.

The Rulez to apply for becoming a KQP Beta Tester :

If you do not follow "The Rulez", your application will not be accepted.

1. Write an email to me with the subject "KQP Beta Tester Application".
2. Give me a brief reason why you want to become a tester, a few lines will do.
3. You MUST have access to a LAN server or TCP/IP (Internet) server to apply.
4. Give me some information about the system you have.
5. Give me some information about the servers you have access to.
6. Deadline for application is this coming Monday (June 2nd) midnight.

- That's it, depends on the number of response I receive, I'll randomly pick 10 to 20 people to join the team. If there is not enough response (which is not very likely), then I may postpone the deadline.

- Also due to this changes in the beta tester team, the release date of KQP 2.1Z beta 4 have been postponed to this coming Tuesday (June 3rd), and the official release date of KQP 2.1Z have been postponed to this coming friday, (June 6th), so stay tuned.

May 30, 1997

- KQP page made 30k! There is a not so happy story behind this 30k hit, but well, thanx to all who've supported KQP!.

May 26, 1997

- Updated the QC Tutorial section, check it out now.

May 25, 1997

- I've been told that there is a KQP 2.0Z server running at, check that out!

- So many people sent emails to me asking me what is GL Quake and where they could find a copy, so, do me a favor, go to the GL Quake Dojo and find it out yourself.

- KQP 2.1Z is almost ready, and I hope I could get it out sometime next week. Stay tuned.

May 19, 1997

- I've got a Monster 3D card lately, and have the opportunity to try out Gl Quake, and boy, it ROCKS!

- I've snapped a few screenshot of KQP running under Gl Quake, check them out, they're really cool!

- Also, notice the transparent water effect in these shots!

Click here, here, here, here for the screenshot.

May 11, 1997

- Wow, 20k hits for KQP page!! You guys surely RULEZ! |8^)

- Mike Morton ( was the guy who've made the 20k hit! It's not a big deal, but I've invited him to be part of the KQP beta tester, so the next time you see you're the 30k or 40k person, make sure you send me the screenshot, hey you'll never know! |8^)

- There're several bugs in KQP 2.0Z that could crash the game, well, some of them (Trigger in clipping list) are limitations of the Quake engine (thus the crash will throw you back to the DOS prompt, not the Quake console), so I wasn't aware of. Some other minor bugs are also fixed in 2.1Z along with the trigger bug, so stay tuned.

- I've released the first non-public release of KQP 2.1Z to the beta testers, and I hope I'll be able to get it released by the end of this week.

May 4, 1997

- I was contacted by Thomas Liam McDonald , a PC Gamer editor that he *MIGHT* put KQP onto his PC Gamer column in the coming issue, so stay tuned.

- Updated and fixed some minor bugs in KQP 2.0Z, KQP 2.1Z will be ready soon, and also added in a latest invention, the Blood Drainer.

- The Blood Drainer, once attached to a victim, will start to pump blood OUT of the victim, causing continuous damage and ** SLOW DOWN ** that poor guy. Zeus also know how to use it!

- Check out the screenshot, showing a Blood Drainer have been 'stuck' into the forehead of a poor zeus.

Click here for the screenshot.

May 2, 1997 - Released KQP 2.0Z

- Yep, it's out, KQP 2.0Z is out.

- What else do I need to say? Go grap it now, and have a blast!

April 28, 1997

- Screenshots of the day : These are the screenshots that I've took today while deathmatch in DM4 with 10 (!) Zeus bots.

- The following screenshots show the new added auto-missile model, which I've done in 2 hours - both the model and skin.

Click here for the screenshot.

Click here for the screenshot.

Click here for the screenshot.

April 28, 1997

- Screenshots of the day : These are the screenshots that I've took today while deathmatch in DM4 with 10 (!) Zeus bots.

- This screenshot shows a Zeus bot trying to 'disc' me in a deathmatch game, boy, they DO know how to use it, and use it WELL!

Click here for the screenshot.

- This screenshot shows a Zeus bot using his lightning bolt gun against another Zeus. Notice that Zeus bot is holding a shield on the upper right corner? Also, did you see the poisoned arrows that got stuck in my body?

Click here for the screenshot.

- This screenshot shows a poor zeus got blown up by me.

Click here for the screenshot.

April 27, 1997

- Released KQP 2.00Z beta 4 (non-public release) to my team of beta tester. This should be the last beta version before the public release - unless something goes wrong, which is very unlikely - so stay tuned for the public release! Yeah yeah, I know I've been saying it for months, but as id said when they're making Quake - I'll release it only when it's "ready". |8^)

- Check this screenshot out, it shows 2 helper bots fighting with 2 opponent bots, in fact, they're using some of the new weapons in KQP while doing so, including the poisoned arrow! Really neat. Click here for the screenshot.

April 26, 1997

- Guys, I've won the Quake C Guru award held by Jamie Wood of the PAIN patch, heh. |8^) Now I can call myself a QC Guru.

- Check this screenshot out, floating gibs on lava! Also from KQP 2.00Z beta 4, along with other new stuffs, etc.

Click here for the screenshot.

April 24, 1997

- Check out this screenshot, it's been taken from KQP 2.00Z beta 3, showing a team of zeus bots (and their cujo the dogs) side by side with me and my cujo. The AI of zeus and cujo bots in KQP 2.00Z have been fine tuned and they're behaving the way they should, ie. attack only hostile enemies, not teammates or dogs of teammates. The Zeus bots in KQP 2.00Z is DOING GREAT, and prepare to be shocked.

Click here for the screenshot.

April 23, 1997 - Released QuakeWorld Radar v2.0 beta 2

- Released QuakeWorld Radar v2.0 beta 2, get it NOW!

- Since I don't have access to QuakeWorld server, please test this second beta for me, and see if it works or not. Thanx.

April 18, 1997 - Released Radar v2.0

- Released Radar v2.0, get it NOW!

- In Radar 2.0, I've rewrite the source from scratch add developed this REAL-SPACE detection system that allow all living objects detected by the radar will be shown on the active radar screen with REAL distance and angle with respects to your position and facing direction.

- Try it, you'll know it's no longer 8 directions, 3 distance ranges, it can now detect ALL directions (360 degrees) and distance W.R.T. your position.

- Screenshots of Radar 2.0:
1, 2.

April 13, 1997

- Finally got the time to make a minor update on the web page. When I have released KQP 1.50, I think I'll do a major update of the page. Also, my final exams are approaching, I hope I could get KQP 1.50 released before my final exams...

- I'm working on KQP 1.50 beta 2, thanx to the help from the beta testers, I've got many neat suggestions on improving the quality of the patch.

- I'm also working on Radar 2.0 and Portal Gun 1.10. For Radar 2.0, I'm trying to make the radar dots shown on the active radar screen to move in all angles to represent the real-time angle of your opponent instead of limited to 8 directions only. For Portal Gun 1.10, I'm trying to make the portal to guarantee a successful passage every time you open a portal.

- So, stay tuned!

April 8, 1997

- Geez, I've worked around the clock tonight and finally got KQP 1.50 beta 1 released on schedule. So expect the public release to come next.

- Ah... I've just counted, if I took out all the stuffs that I've put into KQP, and release them into seperate patches, I could easily have 5-6 more patches released in a few days.

- I've also got myself a 'cool' alias lately, 'Solo'. Why solo? Cuz I do stuffs on my own, I mean, I do QC code, model, skin, sound, all by myself, yet I think this is somewhat better than having a team, I mean, have you seen any other QC team being able to release 5 patches in a week? Heh. |8^)

April 5, 1997

- Released Radar v1.0, get it NOW!

- Ok, I know all you guys have been waited for something like it, so I made it.

- This is a REAL radar that can detect ALL nearby living objects and represented as a colored dot on your radar screen, with respects to your current position and facing angle. Excitied? Check out the screenshot and download it NOW.

- Also released QuakeWorld Radar v1.0 beta 1, get it NOW!

April 1, 1997

- Happy April's Fool, guys! I've been working real hard during the holiday weekend, and I've *FOUR* patches to release today, and no, I'm not kidding, I really mean it. |8^)

- Released Portal Gun v1.0, get it NOW!

Features of Portal Gun :

- Capable of opening a portal on ANY solid surface and allow one to WALK THROUGH IT.
with all new model and sound, check out the screenshots or download it now!

- Screenshots of Portal Gun 1.0:
1, 2, 3.

- Released 4 Barrelled Shotgun v1.00, get it NOW!

- Ever wondered what would happen if you could use two DB Shotguns at the same time? Try 4 barrelled shotgun now, to use it, simply pick up two DB shotguns, and have some major gibbing fun!

- Screenshots of 4 Barrelled Shotgun 1.0:
1, 2.

- Released Disc v1.35, get it NOW!

- Disc 1.35 is a maintainence version over Disc 1.3, fixed a single player bug and enhanced the code a bit here and there.

- Released QuakeWorld Disc v1.35 beta 2, get it NOW!

- Also released QuakeWorld Disc 1.35 beta 2, using the same base code as Disc 1.35, if you have access to QuakeWorld servers, please try it out and tell me how it's like!

- That's it for the mean time, and before you send me an email asking me whether all of the above stuffs will be added to the upcoming KQP, I can answer you YES, and in fact, DID. All patches that I've released seperately are also compiled into KQP simultanously, so from now on, you don't have to ask me again whether I'll compile a patch released by myself into KQP again, cuz I'll. Now go and have some fun.

March 23, 1997

- Released Mini Cannon v2.0, get it NOW!

- I've created a brand new model for Mini-Cannon 2.0 from scratch, check out the screenshots and see for yourself! Like Mini-Cannon 1.0, it can SHOOT THOUGH WALLS with *Direct Hit* (like the shotgun without the spread fire).

- Screenshots of Mini cannon 2.0:
1, 2.

- Released Disc v1.3, get it NOW!

- With Disc 1.3, you can see gibbed body parts move, as well as being able to lop grunts' and enforcers' body parts off. Also I've re-skinned the disc model to make it look cooler. Check out the screenshots!

- Screenshots of Disc 1.3:
11, 12.

- Screenshots of Disc 1.2:
9, 10.

- Screenshots of Disc 1.1:
6, 7, 8.

- Screenshots of Disc 1.0:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

March 15, 1997

- Released Mini Cannon v1.0, get it NOW!

- What so special about this Mini cannon, you may ask, well, like the gatling gun in KQP, this is a rapid firing direct hit weapon, but the difference is that it can


And YES, when I said it's a DIRECT HIT weapon, it IS. It's NOT a projectile weapon like the railgun, so you don't have to wait forever to get the projectile to get to your enemy, simply aim and fire, even if your buddy hide behind a wall/door/whatever that is, you can still gib him. Check out the screenshots

March 9, 1997

- Released Disc v1.2, get it NOW!

- Also released QuakeWorld Disc v1.2 beta, get it NOW!

- With Disc 1.2, not only you can do all those cool stuffs in the previous version, but now you can also be able to


and see their blood bursts! Check out the screenshots or download the patch now.

March 6, 1997

- Released Disc v1.1, get it NOW!

- Not only that I've fixed the change weapon bug in Disc 1.0, I've also added in a new feature in Disc 1.10, that is, you can actually


Check out the screenshots now, or even better, get it right away.

March 5, 1997

- Released Disc v1.0, get it NOW!

- Completed Disc, it'll also be included in the next version of KQP, and I've also released Disc 1.0 as an individual patch, see above.

- With the Disc, you can actually


I've also created new REALISTIC body parts that flies from gibbed bodys, the one that uses the player's skin!
Check out the screenshots to see for yourself.

- Screenshots of Disc : see above.

March 2, 1997

- Released Air Strike v1.0, get it NOW!

- Completed Air strike and Rain of Fire, both of them will be included in the next version of KQP, and I've also released Air Strike 1.0 as an individual patch, see above.

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