Killer Quake Pack News

I've started a mailing list for KQP, to subscibe, write an email to with the subject "subscribe" (without the quotes). Thanx.

11 Febuary, 1997

- The offical KQP site got 4.4k hits today! Thanx to all you guys!

- I'm working on KQP/Z right now, and if everythings go well, the first beta SHOULD be released sometime next week, as I'm going to have a one week break from school, so I could concentrate on it.

- For those who're looking for the KQP 1.00 source, I'm working on fixes to it, and will release it sometime around next week, too. So email me next week if you want to get it.

9 Febuary, 1997

- I've started a mailing list for KQP, to subscibe, write an email to with the subject "subscribe" (without the quotes). Thanx.

- I've went to watch Dante's Peak today, really cool special effects and sound effects, check it out if you can.

8 Febuary, 1997

- I've completed the first 2 chapters of a QC tutorial to be hosted at the QCHQ page, I've also posted a link from my KQP site to it, too, go check it out.

7 Febuary, 1997

- Happy Chinese New Year!

- I've fixed a few bugs in KQP 1.00, as well as compiling KQP 1.00 with the Zeus bots, KQP/Z beta should be ready in a week or so. Stay tuned!

25 January, 1997

- KQP 1.00 offically released!! - Check out the new screen shots and descriptions to see what's new in KQP 1.00, thanx!

25 January, 1997

- Moved KQP to MPOG!

- The new KQP site is, spread the word for me, thanx!

- There have been lots of rumors and debates between KQP and another combo patch out there recently, and I'm tired of it. Please, someone please stop it. I rather focus my time onto coding a better KQP than to reply tons and tons of email, asking me this and that.

24 January, 1997

- Completed KQP 1.00 beta 3!

- New features include the long awaited Orb!

- What the orb does :
  * Once activated, it'll orbits around the player like the Moon orbits
    around the Earth.
  * While orbiting, it'll constantly looks for nearby enemies.
  * Once enemy spotted, it'll fire beams of laser to the enemy, given
    the owner has enough cells.

  * I'm still working on new mode for the orb, so it can also be switch
    to 'guard rear' mode or 'side weapon' mode.
- Changes/Fixes to KQP so far :
  * Added auto cell recharge system.
  * Fixed the weapon pickup routine so that in coop games, after you've
    picked up the weapon, it'll still be there.
  * Fixed some other minor bugs

15 January, 1997

- Moved KQP site to planetquake! Hopefully I'll be able to get the planetquake guys to let me have a directory right under the planetquake root, something like

13 January, 1997

- The KQP internet server is finally ready - it's at, please report any problem with that server to me. Thanx.

- This server is running KQP 1.00 beta 2, so if you're not a beta tester, you may not be able to play properly - the game will probably crash when you try to access the shield or gatling gun. I'm sorry for convinence caused, but stay tuned, KQP 1.00 will be released soon.

12 January, 1997

- Boy - finally have the time to update the news page - sorry for the long delay.

- James Lazarus ( finally gave me the permission to use his gatling gun model in KQP, and KQP 1.00 beta 2 is finally be able to release to the beta testers! Expect KQP 1.00 to be released soon.

- Working on something really really cool for KQP 1.00, probably in KQP 1.00 beta 3 - I want to keep this a secret, but when it's approaching completion, I'll post screenshots and stuffs like that, so stay tuned.

- QCHQ has been down, and I'll probably move the KQP page to another location. I'll post message here before I offically move the page to the new location.

3 January, 1997

- The author of the gatling gun model, James Lazarus (, contact me today, and he is unhappy about I've used his gatling gun model without giving him credits.

- I hereby APOLOGIZE to James and the skin author Christopher Bolin ( that I did not give them the credits for using the model.

- There is some more thing I want to make it clear - that is, since the model that I have used is not being released yet, so even though I've already put the credits into KILLER.TXT, no one can see it. I should have put names besides the screenshots, and I am sorry that I didn't.

2 January, 1997

- Added gatling gun! This gun fires bullets at an incredible rate, ejecting bullet shells, and leaving bullet holes on wall. If you fire it for too long, it'll get hot and red, smoke start to come out, and fire rate will drop. Time to let it cool down.

Model by : James Lazarus (
Skin by : Christopher Bolin (

1 January, 1997

- HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks!

- I have offically joined the QCHQ team - a team of talented programmers delicated to code cool Quake patches.

- KQP 1.00 beta testing begins today, (should be started a few days ago, but due to my darn web server, things were pushed back a bit), and it's almost ready...

28 December, 1996

- We've had a white X'mas here, but it's COLD!

- KQP 1.00 is approaching completion, and beta version of KQP 1.00 has been sent out to all offical KQP beta testers, so expect it to be released soon.

- Fixed more stuffs in KQP, as well as adding some more features into it.

- Added/Changed stuffs :
  * Added Shield to KQP! It's a really neat defensive device. 100% original.

  * Spikes/nails will bounces off walls.
  * Proximity mine now has a shorter range, can be destroyed by explosions
      and takes 5 rockets to fire one.
  * Blazes has smoke now, and will throw toasted stuffs while burning
      an entity. Also the burnt-to-death-then-respawn-with-blaze bug has
      been fixed.
  * Lots of other stuffs...
- Here is a screenshot I'd snapped a few days ago, showing the ablitiy of the Blazethrower (PARTY TIME!) :

22 December, 1996

- Almost X'mas time, and KQP 1.00 is approaching completion. A team of beta testers have been assembled to beta test the patch, and so do expect the release of KQP 1.00 before or soon after X'mas.

- The compilation of KQP with Zeus bots (hereafter named KQP/Z) has been started. However, do not expect this to be due soon. There is a lot of work to combine a bot into KQP, and to tell the bots to take advantage of the new weapons/features in KQP will take even longer. However, do expect the release of KQP/Z to be the most exciting thing you've ever anticipated since the release of Quake itself.

19 December, 1996

- Finally have the time to update this news page. Sorry for the long wait, folks.

- For so many new emails asking me for this and that. I'll always be open to any bugs reporting and new ideas. So feel free to write to me.

- Just got confirmed feedback from Jonathan (Author of the Cujo dog, Blaze weapons and the COOLER Zeus bots) that I'm allowed to add Zeus bots to KQP! Now all you people who've waited for KQP with bots can be satisfied knowing that KQP WILL have bots in the future version.

- Boy, am I excited. However, this could take up to weeks of work to add Zeus into KQP, so please be patient. |8^)

- There are some more cool stuffs to be added to KQP, so stay tuned.

14 December, 1996

- What I said is what I'll do. Stuffs that I've added to KQP :
  * Bigger flame model for blazethrower.
  * New ice blocks model for freezethrower.
  * More cell per battary you've picked up.
  * Increased max cell from 100 to 200.
  * New laser texture for the laser.
      So you could choose your own laser color, sorta like select
      your own lightsabre color in Starwars.
- I guess I'll release the next version of KQP as 1.00 or so.

13 December, 1996

- Ah... Black Friday. I just have my CpSc 416 final exam today, and I didn't sleep last night. I'm tired.

- Replied some emails, more and more people asked me about the reaper bot addon to KQP. Listen folks, I'll do that. If the reaper bot author doesn't allow me to use his code, then I'll find some other bots. Or maybe I'll code my own bot. |8^)

- Changed Nuke weapons :
  * Timed Nuke  - 20 ammo, same as before.
  * Nuke        - 30 ammo, cost more ammo, thus more power.
  * Guided Nuke - 40 ammo, reduced from 50. Same damage as before.
- Stuffs changed to KQP 0.90 so far :
  * Added chain fire mode to freezethrower.
  * Removed hint (i.e. glowing) from fake backpack bombs.
  * Reduced the odd of picking up a trapped backpack.
      Use to be 1 out of 5, now 1 out of 20.
  * Fixed lots of bugs.
- Stuffs will be added to KQP :
  * Bigger flame model for blazethrower.
  * New ice blocks model for freezethrower.
  * More cell per battary you've picked up.
  * Increased max cell from 100 to 200.
  * New laser texture for the laser.
      So you could choose your own laser color, sorta like select
      your own lightsabre color in Starwars.
  * Other cool stuffs.

12 December, 1996

- Finally got the time to update the KQP page and added this News page in.

- Fixed lots of multiplayer bugs in KQP 0.90, should be ready to release once I've more time to test it.

If you have any questions, comments, or problems regarding KQP or this page, please write to me at :