The Portal gun is a weapon that once fired upon any solid surface, will open a portal that allow one to WALK THROUGH.

This "weapon", or should I say equipment, gathers warp energy from its surrounding, and when enough warp power has been charged, it'll fire a beam of warp energy upon the solid surface you're facing.

If the surface you're firing at is not solid, (e.g. a door, or a openable wall, other movable objects, etc), the warp energy cannot focus and it will fail to open up a portal.

Otherwise, you'll see the warp energy focused on a spot, and in a short moment, depends on the thickness of the wall you've fired the Portal Gun upon, it'll open up a portal on it.

However, If the wall/surface is too thick or there is no exit on the other side of the wall/surface, the warp energy will not be strong enough to penatrate the surface and thus failed to open up a portal. The warp energy will focus for 5 seconds beforing failing to open the portal.

Once a portal has been opened, you may be able to pass through it, yet it the exit of the portal is blocked by some other solid object (e.g another surfact at an angle), you still cannot get through. An opened portal can last for 10 seconds.

Once you've fired the portal gun, you'll need to wait for it to recharge its warp power before you can use it again. Moreover, you cannot open more than one portal at a time.

Lastly, since the portal gun is a shotgun type weapon, even though it doesn't require any shells to fire, you'll need at least one shell before you could switch to the Portal Gun.

Screenshots of Portal gun

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