Remember the very first day you played Quake? You started the game, very excited, then you pressed the TAB key... and... what the hell? Where is the map? What? NO map in Quake?!

Well, it doesn't really matter now, that you're SO familiar with all levels in Quake, but then, whenever you play in DM games, aren't you hate that you can never find your opponent when you have super power or invulnerability on, especially when there are only two of you playing?

I know all you guys wanted and waited for someone to create a radar, so I did. This radar is capable of detecting ALL nearby enemy within a radius, and their position with respects to yours will be shown on the radar as a colored dot.

The color scheme is as follows :

Red - the opponent is on the same height level as you do.
Blue - the opponent is at a higher height level than you do.
Yellow - the opponent is at a lower height level than you do.

And the dot position represents :

      in front of you
at your      |      at your
left    -----+----- right
side         |      side
         behind you
The closer the dot is from the center of the Radar, the nearer your opponent is away from you, and vice versa.

Have fun gibbing CAMPERS!

In Radar 2.0, I've rewrite the source from scratch add developed this REAL-SPACE detection system that allow all living objects detected by the radar will be shown on the active radar screen with REAL distance and angle with respects to your position and facing direction.

Try it, you'll know it's no longer 8 directions, 3 distance ranges, it can now detect ALL directions (360 degrees) and distance W.R.T. your position.

Screenshots of Radar

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